Lesson 1: Think Like a Designer

Congratulations, you are on your way to being a Creative Audio Designer, a person who can design sound effects, record stories or songs, and share them with the world. Let's get started. As a Creative Audio Designer, you will use the very simple Audio Design Process. First, you will Create Sound with different instruments. And anything can be an instrument. In fact, you are the most powerful instrument there is, because you are the only instrument that can also play other instruments. So first we Create Sound, and then we Record Sound that we like using our phones, our computer, or some other recording device. After we record sound, then we can Mix and Edit sound, just like we would edit a story. And we go through those three steps - Create Sound, Record Sound, Mix and Edit Sound, over and over again, around and around, until we're finally happy with what we've made, and then it's time for the last step: Distribute Sound. You have the power to share your sound with the world. Someone on a different continent can listen to your story, your song, your sound effects. It's amazing!

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